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This is the About Page of Ez Mobile Prices.Here I will share information about me and about 
Ez Mobile Price.

Why I started  Ez Mobile Prices :

  • The biggest reason behind starting this site is my love for mobiles.
  • I love to remain informed about new mobiles.
  • I am always remain curious about the prices of new mobiles in market and what features they have.
  • I also like to compare mobiles on the basis of their specifications and features.
  • I wanted to share my love to people or you can call it 'something i like to do in my spare time'
  • From a blog niche point of view,I thought that I can publish unending content if i start Ez Mobile Prices.The reason is that almost everyday a new mobile comes in market.

Who am I ?

Who is the person behind this blog ?,If you are a curious reader then this question might be in your mind.
Well below are some facts about me that I would like to share with you.

I am 19 year old boy.
I live in Islamabad,the Capital of Pakistan.
I am a pre-medical student.Shocked !.Yes,Medical is my life and blogging is somewhat a leisure thing for me'.
I hardly give 2 and a half hours to blogging. 
I got my blogging fever,when I was completing my intermediate studies.
I am a great fan of google and its products especially Blogspot,which is indeed a free platform for blogging.
I love to socialise with people especially with bloggers.

Let you and me build a closer relationship :

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